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About Us

Bell Tree is a brand of home and personal use therapeutic essential oils, home fragrances, botanical home sprays, and hand & body care therapy for your health & well-being. Bell Tree products are carefully tested and blended to perfection in our Canadian laboratory. The goal of our Bell Tree product lines is to supply you with both the purest of single and blended essential oils and fragrances. These products will bring a refreshing and purifying ambiance to you and to your home. The use of essential oils dates back thousands of years to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts where priests and alchemists were using essential oils to heal the sick. Research has shown that the incredible healing energy found in these oils can complement modern science in treating various disease symptoms and ailments. It is our desire for you to be able to experience this amazing power of natural medicine!

Therapeutic Essential Oils 

Essential Oil Blends   

Essential oil blends are a mixtures of 2 or more essential oils to come up with a particular purpose of use.    The mixture provides a synergistic effect, meaning the oil mixtures when blended together produce a more effective strength than using an individual oil.


Home Fragrances 


Botanical Home Sprays 


Hand & Body Care Therapy

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