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Essential Oil Diffusers

The use Bell tree Essential Oil Diffusers are natural ways in which you enjoy the healing power of essential oils and pleasant aromas of fragrances. These diffusers are ultrasonic devices wherein light waves and vibration are used to convert the oil & water into steam on air. This steam when inhaled brings an incredible experience of healing, relaxation, and comfort. Make use of these diffusers for you to experience the remarkable power of aromatherapy!

diffuser 1.png
diffuser 2.png

Car Aroma Breeza


Dimension              L 75*W75*H130mm

Voltage                  DC 5V = 1A     

Power                    5W

Tank Volume           70ml

Net Weight             158g

Electric Wire            1m

Timing Type             0.5h,1h,2h,3h

Application Area        about 10~ 13m

diffuser 4.png
diffuser 3.png

White Poplar Breeze


Dimension                              Approx 192 x 146 mm

Weight (excluding adaptor)       Approx  505 g

Power Input/ Output                AC 100-240v 50.60H / DC24v

Length of cord                         Approx  13w

Time Mode                              1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours

Tank Capacity                           500ml

Materials                                 Upper parts PP, lower base ABS

Accessories                              AC Adapter and measuring cup

Method of mist production        Ultrasonic vibration at approx 2.4 MH

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